Darkroom Camps for Kids

photo(2)Darkroom Camps are a great way for kids to learn photography.  I  teach my students the basics of old school manual cameras, principles of light, and how to print in the darkroom.   Plus, I teach them about how much of photography is about relationships….to our cameras, our subjects, the light, and to ourselves.   By building all of these relationships, students can grow their confidence as a budding photographer and artist. Although, I love digital photography, learning the magic of film by capturing in the light and creating in the dark will inspire and leave students wanting more.  These camps are held at The Newspace, Center for Photography, SE Portland.  To find out more, visit their website at www.newspacephoto.org  OR sign up on my mailing list to get my teaching dates.



Hi Debbie!
Nate was so pumped after his critique yesterday!  He couldn’t fall asleep last night, and when I asked him what he was thinking about he said “photography.”  :)  Thank you so so much for making this such an amazing experience for him.  It turned out to be much more than we had hoped for, and he has found a new passion!