When we can confidently know who we are and what we want…then say it out loud….People listen, Movements are made, and Magic Happens.



Do you hide from the spotlight or your own light because you are afraid of what others will see?? Or, worse yet, what you will see??  I do.  And I want to start a conversation and a movement with photography, words, and creativity to embrace not only our immense shadow but also our immense light.  Who wants to join me?  Then, sign up today for my on-line Investigation Workshop.


Note from the Artist


I am totally guilty of spending a lot of time in my life shying away from my magnificence and brilliance due to being so fucking scared of what others would see and think about me.  I don’t want to do that anymore.  And, I also want to help others see their own Powerful Magnificence and spread this work!

Let’s start with ourselves people….failures and disappointments are here to make us stronger.  Disowning them will only give them the power to control us.  Take back the reigns and join me for this awesome on-line workshop and investigation.

With Immense Shadow and Light,


“….what jazzes me so much about what I do…is that I’m not only in it for the pretty picture….I’m in it for the transformation.” – DB



Workshop Details



To create a fun and empowering photography community dedicated to turning exposures into art, fears into inspiration, and life into a journey.



Part 1 (Who we Are) – Jan. 20 – March 2

Part 2 (What we want) – March 17 – April 27

Part 3 (Say it out loud) – May 12 – June 29

How Much:

$175 per Part


These workshops are for all levels of artists.  They are designed for you to deepen your creativity, learn about yourself, and get really flippin’ inspired in other areas of your life.  I-phone cameras and Digital SLR’s are ideal.  Film will work too, if you can get it developed in time.

Course Description:

Participants will receive a photo and writing assignment every Monday around a specific theme.  Assignments will need to be uploaded to the group site on that Saturday.  There will also be photo tips and inspiration to keep you going along the way.  The concept behind this course is to let go of being perfect and allow your process to guide your exposure.

Class Materials:

  • Camera
  • Journal
  • Facebook Page
  • Yourself


  • Weekly Assignments
  • Ask when you need help
  • Be kind to yourself and the other group members

Fine Print:

Payment, in full, is due by March 14th to reserve your spot.  No refunds will be given unless there is an emergency.




Get Registered!

To sign up for this course, pay using the paypal button below.  Once paid, I will send you an e-mail confirming your spot.  Hurray for Art from the Heart!  Deb