The Mom Project

“Holding On”

Mother and Child Portraits

This Mother’s Day, I am launching a very special way of working with Mamas that includes bringing together photos and words to connect the inner and outer expression of Motherhood.  This is a way to collaborate with my subjects to create a meaningful portrait, inside and out.

How Does it Work?

First you set up a session with me.  Then, I send you some simple questions and writing prompts about being a Mom and your experience.  We do an on-location photo shoot for about an hour.  Then, I put together the “artist choice”  words and images (up to 5) on a web page for you to view and share.  Plus, I create an ordering site with all the shots from the session.

Who is it For?

These sessions are for all Mothers, no matter what age of children.  I currently work in Portland and SF Bay Area.


$250 package includes writing prompts, photo shoot, and artist’s choice words and images on web page

$450 package includes writing prompts, photo shoot, web page, and high res digital files of all the images

*individual prints and jpgs are sold separately

Example of Web Page

Allison Winningstad Webpage


“Something Bigger”




“I think a person doesn’t become the whole person they can be until they’ve had the experience of giving themselves over to something bigger than they are.”

Allison Winningstad